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1/50 - The Invisible Generation

1/50 - The Invisible Generation
Marinara delightfully joined with Spaghetti

Vino explores the modern implication of William S. Burroughs' The Invisible Generation in this very special review. Click Read More to, uh, Read More.

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With our recent sordid (part one) business (part two) concluded, it's time for a fun treat!

There was a lot of media coverage of the trademark adventure, and, as expected, the comments sections were abuzz with some great content. After stripping out the standard racist invective, anti-Olive Garden hate speech, etc, I collected my favorite limericks therein.

I have reprinted them all here without permission (naturally, I now consider myself above all intellectual property laws*) and immortalized each with a unique, never-before-posted Never Ending Pasta Bowl combination. Congratulations to these fine writers!

If and when the Never Ending Pasta Bowl returns in 2017, expect to see another 7 weeks of pasta adventures here. Until then, follow me on twitter @AllOfGarden for any and all updates. :)

*For real, if you see your limerick here and want me to take it down just email me and I will comply post-haste.


Grilled Chicken joined with Meat Sauce, gently replete with Pappardelle

We appreciate your response to our letter,
You seem like quite a go-getter
Use our marks if you must
Your reviews now seem just
And we're glad our Alfredo is better


Alfredo tucked away inside a bunch of Pappardelle, topped with Grilled Chicken

Oh Vino, don't know what came over me
I wrote with such haste I just couldn't see
That to eat at our joint
Is kind of the point
Of your whole blog and your joie de vivre


Pappardelle kissed with Five Cheese Marinara, refreshingly united at last with Italian Sausage

Please accept Branden’s retraction
For you’ve committed no real infraction,
Our legal teams cross
‘Cause they’re lost in the sauce,
This was all just an over-reaction


Five Cheese Marinara seamlessly adorned with Chicken Fritta, dropped on a fistful of Pappardelle

That e-mail seems fairly obtuse
It doesn't consider fair use
When I eat Olive Garden
My arteries harden
I'd rather eat plain boiled goose

Samkass Wise

Samkass Wise
Asiago Garlic Alfredo topped with Grilled Chicken, put upon a lump of Gluten Free Rotini

The family of Forcements agrees
With your assessment of sauces and cheese
But the law is like Kafka
Not infinite pasta
And trademarks are all Branden sees

So take care with our company name
It’s use is not purely fair game
But if you are not blatant
And attach disclaimer statements
We lawyers shall not make a claim

Dean Alterman

Dean Alterman
Grilled Chicken covered in Marinara, replete with Fettuccine

We’re sorry we got hot and sweaty,
Your blog throws us praise like confetti.
Your use of our name
Will add to our fame
So continue to laud our spaghetti.


Meat Sauce merged with Grilled Chicken, swaddled in a blanket of Cavatappi

Pasta with mystery sauce
A lawyer who thinks he's a boss
Mix them together
You'll get meatballs on leather
And a case that the judge has to toss

Michael Crider

Michael Crider
Cavatappi coated in Five Cheese Marinara, sprinkled with Grilled Chicken

Our lawyers regret their swift action
to accuse you of IP infraction.
We retract our complaint -
‘twas a lack of restraint!
- and we’ll beat them with some satisfaction.

An unfortunate misunderstanding - Conclusion


As of six thirty-five in the PMs
I've wrapped up my talks with the chieftains
They were misconstrued;
I'm not getting sued
And I needn't write out any ™s

Yes! An official who represents Darden
Has granted me a total pardon
We've reached resolution
I received absolution
For daring to print "olive garden"

The source of the problem was sought
And the sender-offender was caught!
That e-mail was provided
(If you wonder [as I did])
by a prodigious, litigious spam-bot.

My sole issue with Legal's retort
Was the prose of their written report
The demand was specific:
a reply via lim'rick
Well. At least I'm not going to court.

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