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--2016 Content Below--
The blog this year did not pan out like I hoped, due to medical issues. 50 delectable pastas were sampled, photographed, reviewed, and placed on the site. But the non-food portion of the blog has since been removed. Thank you for your understanding.

---2015 Content Below---

My name is Vino, and last year, I ate all the pasta.

This year, I want to eat some more - with you! Check out http://alllovegarden.com for more information, including a signup page.

---2014 Content Below----

My name is Vino, and I am going to eat all the pasta.

No man's hand will stay my fork.

No woman's love will sway my heart.

No doctor's order will restore my cholesterol.

My name is Vino.

I am going to eat all the pasta.

On September 8th, I purchased a Pasta Pass, and immediately realized my life's goal. For the 49 days of Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Bowl™, I will consume nothing but food obtained through that fine establishment. On this site, I will document my journey - the friendships I create and destroy, the changes my body goes through as it adjusts to a purely carbohydrate-based diet, reviews of each and every one of the 150+ combinations of pasta, sauce, and toppings - and so on.


If you would like to contact me, I can be emailed at [email protected] .
AllOfGarden !

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