Day Four - Michael


Demeanor -- Jerk sauce-like: "Very familiar with the dry rub", he continually reminds me
Feelings about the Olive Garden -- "It's an extremely romantic place for a date~"
Gender identity/sexual orientation -- Decidedly male, decidedly straight

"Are you looking at your phone again? That's no way to treat your daaaate~" Michael says. I can hear the tilde in his voice.

"It's not a date!" I snap back.

"Then explain all these candles~!"

"I still can't believe they let you bring those in."


Michael is my stupid jerk roommate who was my last option for a date after I had two consecutive cancellations for tonight. Remember, people: every time you cancel a date, someone has to go out with their roommate.

45 more actual dates to go.

Todays pastas were

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