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Day Six - Vanja (Vahn-ya)


Demeanor -- Hollandaise-like: smooth, yet somewhat acerbic
Feelings about the Olive Garden -- "I like it."
Kindred spirit?? -- As a troubled youth, ate nothing but McDonald's food for an entire year.

Vino: "So, how did you get into the librarian business?"
Vanja: "Well, when I was 16, I started working in my local library as a page."
Vino: "And look, now you're a whole book!"
Vanja: "Oh. That was a joke."


Vanja is a self-described introverted librarian with a cat named Oliver - after the book, not the movie cat named after the book - and a dry sense of humor. One of her favorite pastimes is informing people on the internet that their beliefs are wrong; in this sense, she and I have a lot in common.

43 more dates to go.

Today's pasta was
Alice Cooper's 'Rooster'

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