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Day Seven - Sandra


Demeanor -- Pesto-like: pleasantly nutty, slightly cheesy
Feelings about the Olive Garden -- "I like it! I put *makes air quotes* air quotes *stops making air quotes here for some reason* around the word Italian, but I like it."
Has a chip on her shoulder about the cancellation of: Mixology

"So, yeah, we'd inject the mice with the substance and then wait for the microscopic hemorrhages to appear and then euthanize them and dissect their brains for further study." *chomps breadstick casually*


Sandra is a counselor-in-training who, I assume, regularly goes through empathy-building rituals not unlike Jedi mind exercises in pursuit of perfecting her craft. If that's true - and I really want it to be, so I didn't ask - that's pretty cool! She's also colorblind, though she assured me this doesn't cause nearly as many apple-related woes as I had always assumed such a malady would.

I mean, just imagine! You could never be sure what you were biting into. Every apple would be Russian roulette. Tart, sweet, tangy, it's anarchy!!!

42 more dates to go.

Today's pasta was
Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

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