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Day Nine - Christine


Demeanor -- Fusilli-like: extroverted, a combination of both "fun" and "silly"
Feelings about the Olive Garden -- "The last time I was here was in high school. 'Cause, Olive Garden is, like, the fanciest place you can think of when you're 18."
Inexplicably chose to double major in: Chemistry/Music

"So I quit my job and went to travel around Asia for a while, then came back, then took three or four weeks just for myself. Y'know. Jet lag."


Christine immediately earned a special place in my heart by being the first of any of my dates to actually finish her first bowl of pasta. Granted, she did this while groaning pitifully and rubbing her distended belly in a way that was somehow both disturbing and sensual, but it's still a fine accomplishment. I admire anyone with that level of commitment to getting their money's worth, even when it's their date's money, and also their date didn't spend any actual money.

40 more dates to go.

Today's pasta was
Diffuse Natural Light

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