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Day Five - Hilda


Demeanor -- Béchamel-like: Sassy nature makes men roux their existence
Feelings about the Olive Garden -- Completely stone-faced: "I fucking love Olive Garden"
Main problem with women's representation in modern gaming: poor anti-aliasing causes unmeetable standard of jaggy-ness

"(uninterrupted three minute stream-of-consciousness rant about video game class design, guild mates, coworkers, the italian sausage she ordered, etc)"


Hilda works for a major video game company and was very good at answering my questions with nonanswers like "I can't talk about that project", "my company doesn't make Boggle, it is not a video game", and "no, we don't have any plans right now to make an olive garden-themed MMO". That last one particularly stung - she wouldn't even look at my concept art.

44 more dates to go - hopefully I'll learn how to take a selfie in that time.

Today's pasta was
The Colonel's Delight

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