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Day 26


Occasionally I'll answer viewer mail here, some frequently-asked-questions sort of things. But today I'm going to answer a question that no one asked, presumably because you're all wondering it but are too nervous to bring it up. That's fine, by the way, and I appreciate that you respect the fact that I'm a busy man with a lot of pasta to eat.

Q: What is your Olive Garden mixtape / What four songs represent your Olive Garden experience most closely?
A: See below.

Lunch was Taylor Swift - Mean.

Dinner was composed of three plates of pasta:

Taylor Swift - Love Story
Taylor Swift - Picture to Burn
Taylor Swift - The Best Day

Short blog today, but can you blame me? It's Friday! Go out and have a good time - or do what I'm doing: writing a blog and drinking alone!

A special thanks to my dining companion, Danny's neckbeard, which shows a great deal of promise to one day becoming truly majestic, despite its youth!

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