Day Three - Jessica


Greatest Strength -- Owns three games for the Nintendo Switch, which accounts for 150% of the system's playable library.
Weakest Weakness -- Overly agreeable nature leads to accepting propositions for mundane first dates (see below)
Feelings about the Olive Garden -- "I think this is the first time I've been here since college."
Snapshot -- Ever the gentleman, I offered Jessica a rare glimpse into the brief non-pasta portion of my day-to-day after dinner.
"Do you want to help me buy garbage bags at Albertsons? I'm all out. This isn't code for anything. I'm literally going to Albertsons and buying garbage bags, then I'm going home."
Amazingly, she accepted, and was an insightful companion for this task. She noted the relative cost-per-bag of various brands, and weighed the value of certain features. Vanilla fragrance, puncture resistance, that sort of thing. In the end, I walked out with the optimal garbage bags, thanks to her procurement skills.
Creative Challenge -- "Compose a haiku that contains the word "salad".


Vino* orders salad
It looks to be quite tasty
Why did I choose soup?

(*Transcriptor's note: Jessica chose to use my christian name in this poem, which I do not recognize from the dates of 9/25 to 11/19. I have replaced it here, but I assure you the meter and syllable count remain unchanged from her original poem)

Jessica is a procurement specialist for a company that manufactures computer motherboards and similar technowizardry things. She gave me an insider tip that soon 7-11's may feature digital touchscreen displays for their famous Slurpee machines. Personally, I cannot think of an interface less suited to the human hand than a machine that blorps out a thick, sticky sludge directly onto the user. But I'm no computer jock, and I'm certainly no procurement specialist, so I'll leave it to the professionals.

She also agreed to a brief second meeting when I realized that we forgot to get a selfie. Rookie mistake on my part. I been out the game too long.

47 dates to go!

Vino's Vegan Victual:

Jessica's Jam:
The Mixup

Thank you for dining with me, Jessica! You're rad.

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