Day Four - Sonal


Greatest Strength -- Making uncultured midwesterners uncomfortable by forcing them to guess how her name is pronounced (pro tip: SOH-null)
Weakest Weakness -- Unpriviliged upbringing (ie, not in America) gives her the mistaken belief that this is not the greatest country in the world. Tragic...
Feelings about the Olive Garden -- "It's not very good. It's very heavy. And expensive. And not a good place for - " (I cut her off here and changed the subject)
Snapshot: In order to establish dominance, Sonal asks me how many tinder matches I have. When I tell her, she kind of smirks and then gives me her phone, revealing over 60 times as many matches as what I thought was a respectable count.

Okay, she's attractive, I get it. What kills me is that she gets all these guys and doesn't even have a pasta blog. What am I even doing, here?
Creative Challenge -- "Draw a chicken, and two chicks."


A Chicken & Two Chicks!


Sonal is a highly educated (3 degrees!!) woman with a dry sense of humor. I'm not entirely sure about those credentials, though -- she told me that they were two masters' degrees and a bachelor's in psychology, with a minor in art. But after finishing the creative challenge (above) she looked at it, looked at me, and said, "Well. I more meant that I appreciate art."

Vino's Vegan Victual:

Sonal's Supper:
A Chicken & Two Chicks!

46 dates to go! Thank you for dining with me, Sonal! You get +1 point!

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