Day 1


The day - a beautifully clear and crisp autumn, the kind which exists in North Dakota only for a few fragile, perfect weeks - was ideal for the start of a journey. A journey that would take me from the lowest caste of mortal to the highest echelons of noodles, sauce, and toppings (starting at $2.99). A journey of pasta.

Lunch was "The Classic+".

Dinner was comprised of three plates of pasta:
"Cock of the Walk"
"Cheesetube Extreme"
"Catch of the Baltic"

Today, I took my first step on that journey. It was not easy - even now, my stomach aches with the effort of digesting a bolus of pure carbs - but nothing worth doing ever is. And I say without irony that this journey is the most worthwhile thing I've ever done.

A special thanks to my dining companion, Nick!

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