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Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Chicken Pomodoro set upon a lump of Mezzaluna Ravioli, impressively covered in Italian Sausage

Well, there's no sense hiding from it anymore. They brought back Italian Sausage in all its grease-packed glory. With over 50% more calories than the closest topping, 41 grams of fat, and a solid four digits of sodium, it's always been a topping for those looking to give their arteries a project to work on for the next twenty years.

Why they brought it back this year is entirely beyond me. It looks gross, it tastes gross, and it's cartoonishly unhealthy. That said, I have eleven more dishes containing it to eat, so I'll try to limit my complaints about it as best I can this year.


Pictured here is Hello Darkness, My Old Friend - I've come to dine with it again

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