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Rich Uncle Pennybags

Shrimp Fritta impressively smothered in Chicken Pomodoro, set upon a mound of Mezzaluna Ravioli

Clocking in at a grand total of $17.47*, this is one a-spicy meat-a-ball, financially speaking. You can really taste the decadence that are afforded by the two most expensive upcharges. If you go this route, be sure you're hungry, because you'll want to get several refills to not feel guilty about throwing away nearly an entire NEPB's worth of money on mediocre ravioli and (admittedly great) shrimp.

Pictured here is Rich Uncle Pennybags - imagine it with a big cartoony moustache, monocle and top hat.

*This is the price at most nationwide Olive Gardens. You can expect to pay more at OGs in Alaska and the one in New York City.

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