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Applebee's Nachos

Pesto Alfredo sprinkled with Shrimp Fritta, settled on a baseless basin of Rigatoni

I don't do a lot of talking about other family-style midrange themed chain restaurants, but the disastrous topping/sauce/base ratios and overall presentation of this dish really screamed "Applebee's Nachos" to me. Much like said nachos, the food is not distributed in a way that is conducive to easy consumption. A good portion of your noodles will be dry and unloved on the edge of the dish, and will require nursing back to edibility with several coats of sauce. If you want pesto, you're going to have to make a special trip out to the Pestosphere™ deep within the center of the plate. Et cetera.

Pictured here is Applebee's Nachos - a registered trademark of Yum! Foods.

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