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Meat Sauce merged with Whole Wheat Linguine

We're both dating new people now. I mean, obviously. It's been more than two years! Of course we moved on. I haven't gotten a chance to meet your boyfriend yet, but I've seen some of his posts on your wall and it seems like he likes you a lot, which is great. I like my girlfriend, too. Nothing really to complain about. She likes horror movies and classical music like you do, and flips her hair sometimes, but she doesn't do that single eyebrow raise thing when people say something stupid, and her laugh is all wrong.

If I got hit by a bus or something right now, that'd be okay with me. I feel like the rest of my life is just gonna be going through the motions, and I've already experienced everything I want to experience. I wish things had turned out differently, but this is fine. I'm fine.

Pictured here is Acceptance.

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