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Roasted Mushroom Alfredo put upon a bottomless bowl of Whole Wheat Linguine, embedded with Chicken Fritta

To paraphrase the motto of a company that, frankly, has no business using it - better ingredients, better food. Strip away the fancy garnishes, the mixing of flavors, and the pretentious words, and you're down to the base ingredients.

This particular dish is the first time I ever really felt like I was getting my dollar's worth from the premium sauce. Actual whole chunks of mushroom that had texture and flavor all their own, not just a grey goop incorporated into the sauce like a can of Campbell's cream-of-blah. The chicken was crisp, and the pasta was actually properly cooked, which is difficult to do for whole wheat.

Pictured here is Quality, which might just be my new favorite on the menu - it's that good!

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