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Catch of the Baltic

Marinara topped with Shrimp Fritta, uniquely put upon a ball the size of a chihuahua's head of Cavatappi

I admit that the presence of the Shrimp Fritta topping among the Pasta Bowl options puzzled me. It seemed that there were very few sauces and pastas in the repertoire that would be well-suited to pairing with shrimp. The answer to my quandary came from my dining companion on Day One, Nick, who pointed out that the breading of the shrimp made it a natural pairing with marinara sauce - and I daresay he was spot-on. Cavatappi is always a joy to eat, and only adds to the experience of this surprise favorite.

Catch of the Baltic

Pictured here is the Catch of the Baltic, and the first and only time when I've gotten depth of field to work.

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