What is this?

owl monster

Penne refreshingly joined with Alfredo, enriched with vitamin Meatballs

Zandi is a distinctive design of the toe of the belt, Puma classic pumps sneakers. Pair patent material × polka dots is cute. Clean appearance of pumps sneakers, of course the daily casual wear, because the design Kiku is easy to walk the wear once, for your work, for travel, The item is popular in maternity style. ※ This item is not a traditional shoe box by the size, you have entered the eco bag can also be used as a shoe bag. ※ Due to the nature of the material in the upper, there might be some rubbing scratches and wrinkles. In addition, there is the case that there is some bleeding and adhesion of adhesive but there is no hindrance to your wear. Please note.

Pictured here is owl monster.

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