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The Lonely Inuit

Italian Sausage swathed in a deep dish of Angel Hair, swimming in Roasted Mushroom Alfredo
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Your journey has taken you to the icy reaches of the north, where stoic men with thick necks chew blubber without even being on a reality TV show. You're searching for the only woman in the world who can help you. Somewhere in these frozen hills is the antidote for your brother's lycanthropy, caused by the venomous bite of a were-polar bear.

Huddled in an igloo some three kilometers from your current location, the shaman you seek watches you through the colored smoke of her fire. She knows the hour of your approach long before you arrive - but she isn't yet sure whether you will be able to withstand her trials to earn the cure you need.

Pictured here is the Lonely Inuit - dare you take on her challenge?

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