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Kanye's "Ye" - Live Twitter Review Transcript


If you were not watching my twitter from 08:36 PM PST to 09:03 PM PST today you missed the Live Experience, but here is a timestamped transcript that you can play with for pretend. here's a link to listen to the album but it's not an affiliate link so I'm not getting any money. fyi.


so I know I normally write pasta reviews or whatever but i'm gonna do a live tweet review as i listen to kanyewest 's new album, ye

if you're wondering why, I was at the farmers market when I thought: THAT'S what the world needs! A white guy's opinion about kanye west!!

uh if you wanna sync it up and listen to the album with me go ahead and start listening... NOW

--Track One: I Thought About Killing You--

0:00 that "i hate being bipolar..." thing on the album art is something you'd see on a t-shirt at walmart

1:30 you can tell when kanye starts getting bored because he'll just be mixing the track, then lean in, flip on a filter, and go "zummm zmmm zum zuuuuuuum"

3:05 is "clear the cachet" a pun on 'clear the cache'?? is this track Feat. Scott Adams

4:33 hope that Frito Lay spot was a sponsor, there is no other reason for a pun to be this lame

--Track Two: Yikes--

1:50 "bye felicia" eyyyyy MILLENIALS WHERE YOU AT

3:03 "ain't no disability. i'm a superhero" -kanye west, 2018

--Track Three: All Mine--

1:22 you can hear in his voice how proud kanye is of the "[your tits] prove I can focus on two things at once" joke

--Track Four: Wouldn't Leave--

1:58 the line "one and one is two, but you and me, that's infinity" is evidence for my fan theory that kanye writes his emotional lyrics by copying tattoos off chubby white women

2:40 she TOLD you not to buy that knife set. but you said 'baby look how goddamn sharp they...look'. and you were drunk. she was bein a bitch. yknow?

--Track Five: No Mistakes--

0:18 I really like this intro. groovy motown-ish background with just the right amount of production.

0:44 wait a second is this the chorus to Empire State of Mind o___O

--Track Six: Ghost Town--

1:00 i am POSITIVE that guy forgot the lyrics

1:22 this vocalist is elvis costello played at half speed isn't it?

3:13 oh they've got one of those really sharp stoves

3:40 these laser sounds are almost a parody of kanye overproduction

--Track Seven: Violent Crimes--<

2:27 please PLEASE tell me this is not a rap about his daughter's period

3:37 that was nice of him, to actually play that message at the end. let someone else get the last word of your album. that really leaves you on a high note.

3:38 that wasn't sarcasm

--final thoughts--

overall i give it a 7/10. good stuff. writing was weak but that's never been kanyes strong suit. i didn't hear a lot new here but it's more of what you like

the Production™ you expect is here and not too much either. going through a track heavy with it is swimming through mud.

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