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Dates 23-31: Lu Lore


You start dating someone for the big things -- sense of humor, attractiveness, etc -- but you fall in love for the little things. The curl of their hair, the way they stare at the ocean. Here are some of Lu's.

  • She describes interesting things as "fascinating" and bullshit things as "highly unlikely".
  • As much as possible, she does not eat carbohydrates. Eating at Olive Garden was just the start of a lifelong list of things Lu does for my sake that she doesn't want to do.
  • She looks EXACTLY like 23% of Free Southern Theater Pamphlet.
  • When she makes a particularly bad pun she immediately follows it up with "do you still love me?". She's usually kidding.
  • She lets people feel smart. She lets them feel funny. When you're around Lu you're the important person that, deep down, you always knew you were.

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