Blog Year Three - SWOLive Garden!


Hey, pasta fans!

This year's blog will be a little different - I'm going to get buff as h*ck on a purely OG-based diet. I'm really excited for this one. Click here to check out , watch the video, and get the skinny on the chubby going natty!

A Word About The Natural Beauty Of The Human Form
In addition to mouth-watering photos of the new Neverending Pasta Bowl combinations this year, I'll be posting lots of pictures of myself in my underwear. This will let you watch my pasta-powered progress in real-time, week by week. I think you'll find the juxtaposition of doughy white blobs and Olive Garden's food to be a natural combination.

If you do not wish to see me in my underwear, I strongly advise you to avoid clicking the links that say "click here to see me in my underwear". The blog will otherwise remain a work-safe environment!

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